Thomas Hürlimann
Corporate Identity Specialist
Owner HCI-Consulting
Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich
Academy of Art and Design
Art Director ASW
Art Director Macworld
and Computerworld
CEO communications agency
marketing, Advertising and Web.
designer, illustrator, author

We evaluate your corporate identity and uncover the most efficient way to converge and optimize all its elements. We are in Switzerland and Amsterdam Holland.

Communicating an enterprise's self-image uniformly has become a major challenge in today's diverse media landscape. Complex CI manuals do not always make it easy for employees and, in cooperation with external specialists, often lead to divergences. Your enterprise has an impact - internally and externally – and we bring everything into alignment.

Analysis · Evaluation · Report

We have a special talent seeing companies from the perspective of the respective target audience. As communication specialists, designers with high standards and more than 30 years of experience, we will show you exactly how you can efficiently and pragmatically optimize and converge all components of your identity. The implementation can be done with your internal resources, your existing partners or by us.

Art. I small enterprises

Focuses pragmatically on the most relevant elements, centering on corporate design to create a cost-effective report.
(Effort: a few days)

Art. II medium enterprises

Includes the central elements of corporate identity. The analysis goes a little more into depth, including research within the company.
(Effort: Up to two weeks)

Art. III big enterprises

Complete overview of the entire corporate identity. Research within the company, surveys with customers, partners, competitors. Statistical analyses.
(Effort: several weeks)


We continuously review your communicative actions based on your CI. Scope and frequency according to your needs.

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